GCSE Maths Revision Worksheets

Here are the Metatutor Foundation & Higher maths revision worksheets. These are really useful tools in your revision, as they allow you to focus on weak areas. Solutions to each maths worksheet are also provided in case you get stuck and need to know how to solve the questions. The worksheets have been written in such a way to replicate real GCSE maths past papers, starting each topic off with easier questions, which become harder as you progress through the worksheet.

The search function below allows you to find the specific topic you are looking for. You can also sort by Foundation and Higher or by topic name. Click on the Worksheet or Answers buttons to view the document in PDF form.

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We also have a set of GCSE mini maths exams to test out your knowledge in realistic exam conditions.

If you’ve already completed our maths worksheets and want more practice, here are some more excellent websites where you can find further free resources: CorbettMaths, MathsMadeEasy, TES

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AlgebraWorksheetAnswersAlgebra Factorise Simplify Factorising Factorisation Simplifying Expanding Brackets Solving Solve Quadratics
Algebra - ExpandingWorksheetAnswersquadratic brackets simplify
Algebra - ExpressionsWorksheetAnswersequation forming worded wordy
Algebra - FactorisingWorksheetAnswersquadratic bracket factorisation
Algebra - SimplifyingWorksheetAnswers
Algebra - SolvingWorksheetAnswerssolve linear equation
Algebra - SubstitutionWorksheetAnswerssubstitute
Algebraic FractionsWorksheetAnswersAlgebra factorise factorising factorisation bracket algebraic fractions
AnglesWorksheetAnswersgeometry parallel corresponding interior co-interior alternate angles
Area and Volume Scale FactorsWorksheetAnswerssurface area volume enlargement similar shapes
BearingsWorksheetAnswersangle bearings bearing
BoundsWorksheetAnswersError interval bounds
Box PlotsWorksheetAnswersinterquartile range lower upper quartile median box plots
Changing the SubjectWorksheetAnswersalgebra equation changing subject
Changing the Subject - AdvancedWorksheetAnswersalgebra equation changing subject factorising factorise brackets
Circle TheoremsWorksheetAnswersGeometry tangent circle theorems
Comparing CostsWorksheetAnswersbest buy wordy money comparing costs
Completing the SquareWorksheetAnswersAlgebra quadratic completing the square
Compound ShapesWorksheetAnswersarea perimeter rectangle circle triangle compound shapes
Conversion GraphsWorksheetAnswersconvert conversion graphs
Converting UnitsWorksheetAnswerskilometres metres millimetres centimetres hours minutes millilitres litres kilograms grams
Cumulative FrequencyWorksheetAnswersgraph interquartile range lower upper quartile median cumulative frequency
Direct and Inverse ProportionWorksheetAnswersProportion direct and inverse proportion
Density, Mass and VolumeWorksheetAnswersdensity mass volume
Distance, Speed and TimeWorksheetAnswersdistance speed time
Distance/Time GraphsWorksheetAnswersdistance/time distance-time distance time graphs
EstimationWorksheetAnswersrounding estimate
Equation of a CircleWorksheetAnswersalgebra tangent perpendicular area
Equation of a LineWorksheetAnswersy=mx+c gradient y-intercept straight line
Exact Sin, Cos and Tan ValuesWorksheetAnswerssine cosine tangent surds sine rules cosine rule pythagoras trigonometry sohcahtoa area triangle
Factors and MultiplesWorksheetAnswershighest common factor lowest common multiple
Forming EquationsWorksheetAnswerssolve solving forming equations wordy
FractionsWorksheetAnswersadd subtract divide multiply simplify
Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesWorksheetAnswersconvert fractions decimals percentages
Frequency TablesWorksheetAnswersfrequency tables
Frequency TreesWorksheetAnswersfrequency trees
FunctionsWorksheetAnswersinverse composite functions
Graph TransformationsWorksheetAnswersfunction graph transformations
Graphical SolutionsWorksheetAnswersplotting graph curve solving solve equation quadratic
HistogramsWorksheetAnswersfrequency table histograms
Index LawsWorksheetAnswersindex laws square cube roots fractional indices surds
Indices (Advanced)WorksheetAnswersindex laws square cube roots fractional indices surds
InequalitiesWorksheetAnswerssolve solving inequalities
Inequalities on a GraphWorksheetAnswersplotting plot inequalities graph
Interest and DepreciationWorksheetAnswersmultiplier interest depreciation
Interior and Exterior AnglesWorksheetAnswersregular polygons
IterationWorksheetAnswersiterative solving methods
Loci and ConstructionWorksheetAnswersperpendicular bisector loci construction
Miscellaneous Triangles (Foundation)WorksheetAnswerstriangle trigonometry sohcahtoa sin cos tan sine cosine pythagoras
Miscellaneous Triangles (Higher)WorksheetAnswerstriangle trigonometry sohcahtoa sin cos tan sine cosine pythagoras sine rule cosine rule
Mixed Numbers and Improper FractionsWorksheetAnswers
Negative Scale FactorsWorksheetAnswerstransformation enlargement
Nth TermWorksheetAnswerssequence linear nth term
Parallel and Perpendicular LinesWorksheetAnswersstraight line equation y=mx+c gradient y-intercept
Patterns and SequencesWorksheetAnswerssequence linear nth term patterns sequences
Percentage ChangesWorksheetAnswersincrease decrease percentage changes
Pie ChartsWorksheetAnswerspie charts
Plotting GraphsWorksheetAnswersgradient intercept y-intercept plotting graphs
Pressure, Force and AreaWorksheetAnswerspressure force area
Probability TreesWorksheetAnswersprobability trees
Problem Solving with ShapesWorksheetAnswersarea perimeter rectangle triangle square angle isosceles pythagoras rhombus parallelogram
Product Rule for CountingWorksheetAnswerscombinations
Profit and LossWorksheetAnswersmoney worded
ProofWorksheetAnswersalgebra proof
PythagorasWorksheetAnswerstriangle pythagoras
Quadratic FormulaWorksheetAnswersquadratics solve algebra
Quadratic InequalitiesWorksheetAnswerssolve factorise quadratic inequality
Quadratic SequencesWorksheetAnswersnth term quadratic sequence
RatiosWorksheetAnswerswordy ratios
Recurring DecimalsWorksheetAnswersconversion fractions
Related CalculationsWorksheetAnswers
RoundingWorksheetAnswerssignificant figures decimal places
Sample SpacesWorksheetAnswerssample space probability
Scatter GraphsWorksheetAnswerscorrelation scatter graphs
Sectors and ArcsWorksheetAnswersarea circle length sectors arcs
Similar ShapesWorksheetAnswerssimilar shapes
Simultaneous EquationsWorksheetAnswerssolve algebra solving simultaneous equations
Sine and Cosine RulesWorksheetAnswerstriangle trigonometry sine rule cosine rule area sin rule cos rule
Standard FormWorksheetAnswersstandard form
Stem and Leaf DiagramsWorksheetAnswersstem and leaf diagrams
SurdsWorksheetAnswersrationalising denominator surds
TransformationsWorksheetAnswersreflect rotate rotation enlarge translate transform scale transformations
Trial and ImprovementWorksheetAnswerstrial and improvement
TrigonometryWorksheetAnswerstriangle sin cos tan sohcahtoa trigonometry
Two Way TablesWorksheetAnswerstwo way two-way tables
Value For MoneyWorksheetAnswersbest buy value for money
Velocity-Time GraphsWorksheetAnswersspeed time distance acceleration velocity-time velocity time velocity/time graphs
Venn DiagramsWorksheetAnswersset notation probability venn diagrams
Wordy Problems (Calculator)WorksheetAnswersworded problem solving
Wordy Problems (Non-Calculator)WorksheetAnswersworded problem solving