Who we are

Metatutor is a maths tuition agency that operates in North Bristol. Our tutors provide affordable, accessible and effective one-on-one tuition to 10-18 year olds in the comfort of their own homes. We will help with whatever aspect of maths is proving difficult – step by step… until you get it!

Hi, I’m Sam – I’m the founder and director of Metatutor, and I’m also one of the tutors. I’ve always had a passion for helping young people, and strongly believe in their potential. I first got into maths tutoring as a maths student at university. I was looking for part-time work to fit in around my studies and tutoring not only offered me the flexibility but also the genuine satisfaction of using my knowledge to have a positive effect on a young person. I really enjoyed this part-time work, and probably spent too much time doing this and not enough time studying in the end but oh well!

I saw first-hand how much one-to-one support can benefit the students and how much they appreciated having a university student there to help them. To many of them, it was the new voice and fresh perspective from someone younger and more relatable that just helped things click. That is why at Metatutor all our tutors are university students or recent graduates. It is my belief that this makes the sessions more enjoyable for the student and that it benefits the student academically because the tutors will have recently been through the school system and the exams.

Having one-on-one support helps go over areas of struggle in more detail than their teachers could in class. With many teachers being overworked and stressed and with many schools being underfunded, a tutor can support them by giving the student the special attention they are unable to. Many students find themselves ‘swimming against the tide’ in maths lessons because topics are often rushed.

If one lesson they are being taught about fractions and they don’t quite understand it, the next lesson they will have moved on to another topic so there is often no opportunity to go over areas of weakness because they don’t want to fall behind. This is what one-on-one tuition can provide. So that is why I decided to start up Metatutor.

Maths? Now you can!