GCSE Maths Mini Exams & Test Questions

Welcome to the Metatutor mini exams. The idea behind these bite-sized maths test papers is that you can do them in exam conditions and get more practice without needing to sit down in a room on your own for an hour and a half! These are questions based on past GCSE mathematics papers, condensed into two pages. They each consist of 20 marks and you have 20 minutes to complete them. You should get a family member to sit you down in exam conditions and you should pretend that this is the real thing! And then give your answers to your maths tutor to mark. More exams may not sound particularly appealing but the truth is the only way to get better at exams is by doing more of them! You can choose between Higher GCSE and Foundation GCSE mini exams, as well as calculator and non-calculator.

The mini maths exams are designed with easier questions at the start and harder questions at the end, just like a normal GCSE paper. They also get progressively more difficult (ie. Foundation Calculator 12 is more difficult than Foundation Calculator 1). Most topics on the syllabus appear in these mini exams at some point. The frequency with which each topic appears is roughly similar to the frequency with which they appear in normal GCSE exams. So you should expect considerably more questions on algebra than on, for example, conversion graphs.

You can also search for a particular topic using the search bar below. For example, if you wanted to do an exam that contains a probability tree question, put it in the search bar and only mini exams which contain such a question will appear.

If you would like someone to work through some of these with you or give you exam tips, book a free maths tutoring taster session.

We also have a series of GCSE maths revision worksheets and answers for you to try.

If you would like to work through some GCSE past papers, you can access AQA past papers here and Edexcel past papers here. Plus, Maths Made Easy provide both AQA and Edexel papers to download with model solutions

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Foundation Non-Calculator 1WorksheetAnswersfactor multiple prime money wordy algebra simplify solve equation probability perimeter
Foundation Calculator 1WorksheetAnswersvalue for money pythagoras triangle wordy plotting graph plot straight line
Foundation Non-Calculator 2WorksheetAnswersalgebra simplify expand factorise factorising bracket inequalities inequality integer ratio nth term sequence two way table two-way
Foundation Calculator 2WorksheetAnswersangle parallel line mean mode median range bar chart data wordy money area circle compound shape
Foundation Non-Calculator 3WorksheetAnswersfrequency tree fraction percentage venn diagram
Foundation Calculator 3WorksheetAnswersfactor multiple prime square volume 3d shape prism angle parallel line real-life graph conversion
Foundation Non-Calculator 4WorksheetAnswersstandard form inequality inequalities number line fraction ratio probability tree area circle rectangle
Foundation Calculator 4WorksheetAnswerswordy time prime factor tree algebra solve equation simplify expand bracket distance speed
Foundation Non-Calculator 5WorksheetAnswersprobability mean conversion convert table frequency table transformation reflect translate enlarge translation enlargement
Foundation Calculator 5WorksheetAnswerspattern sequence simplify compound interest compare cost comparing area wordy compound shape
Foundation Non-Calculator 6WorksheetAnswersalgebra factorise factorising expand bracket simplify solve equation ratio midpoint axis chart data area perimeter
Foundation Calculator 6WorksheetAnswersexpress expression wordy algebra percentage change increase decrease plotting plot graph curve ratio
Foundation Non-Calculator 7WorksheetAnswershighest common factor lowest common multiple shape area trapezium volume probability money wordy
Foundation Calculator 7WorksheetAnswersalgebra express distance speed time wordy changing the subject area conversion exchange rate
Foundation Non-Calculator 8WorksheetAnswersequivalent fraction distance speed time lowest common multiple timetable volume net midpoint co-ordinate axis money wordy
Foundation Calculator 8WorksheetAnswersline graph percentage change increase decrease data multiple wordy proportion venn diagram set notation
Foundation Non-Calculator 9WorksheetAnswersconversion graph angle parallel line expand simplify factorise factorising bracket standard form wordy rounding
Foundation Calculator 9WorksheetAnswersangle bearing profit loss wordy money distance speed time distance-time graph algebra form forming equation
Foundation Non-Calculator 10WorksheetAnswersfactor multiple timetable numeracy decimal profit loss wordy money pie chart fraction
Foundation Calculator 10WorksheetAnswersscatter graph percentage change decrease increase solve equation angle parallel line sample space probability
Foundation Non-Calculator 11WorksheetAnswersfraction decimal percentage compare equivalent wordy nth term sequence transformation rotate rotation enlarge algebra simultaneous equation
Foundation Calculator 11WorksheetAnswersprobability error interval frequency table trigonometry sohcahtoa triangle two-way two way table percentage fraction wordy
Foundation Non-Calculator 12WorksheetAnswersstem and leaf diagram range median mode factorise factorising bracket solve quadratic probability relative frequency ratio equation of line y=mx+c algebra
Foundation Calculator 12WorksheetAnswerswordy pressure force area density mass volume trial improvement probability tree area perimeter shape circle triangle
 width=Higher Non-Calculator 1WorksheetAnswersalgebra quadratic factorise factorising bracket solve equation compound shape area wordy surface area 3d angle parallel line distance speed time
Higher Calculator 1WorksheetAnswerswordy money box plot interquartile range percentage solve quadratic formula sine and cosine rule sin and cos rule volume
 width=Higher Non-Calculator 2WorksheetAnswersalgebra expand simplify bracket plot graph curve wordy bound error interval surd form forming equation area
Higher Calculator 2WorksheetAnswersscatter graph profit loss wordy money circle theorem bound upper lower equation of a line y=mx+c perpendicular gradient
Higher Non-Calculator 3WorksheetAnswersfraction decimal recurring profit loss money wordy circle theorem venn diagram conditional probability
Higher Calculator 3WorksheetAnswerspythagoras triangle combination expand simplify algebra triple bracket histogram composite function solve quadratic formula
Higher Non-Calculator 4WorksheetAnswersratio nth term sequence sin cos tan sine cosine exact value proof expand algebra vector
Higher Calculator 4WorksheetAnswersarea percentage change increase decrease transformation reflect enlarge enlargement negative scale factor sine rule cosine rule sine and cosine rule sin and cos rule area triangle direct proportion inverse proportion standard form equation of line y=mx+c perpendicular gradient
Higher Non-Calculator 5WorksheetAnswersprobability fraction mixed number improper fraction indices index law surd rationalise the denominator circle theorem velocity-time graph velocity time area speed
Higher Calculator 5WorksheetAnswerstwo-way table two way table cumulative frequency depreciation compound interest algebra solve fraction equation sine rule cosine rule sine and cosine rule sin and cos rule
Higher Non-Calculator 6WorksheetAnswerspie chart algebra factorise factorising completing the square quadratic inequality inequalities on a graph graphical inequalities composite function inverse function
Higher Calculator 6WorksheetAnswersequation of a circle changing the subject rearrange formula algebra equation area sector perimeter arc length area of sector graphical solution graph upper lower bound error interval
Higher Non-Calculator 7WorksheetAnswersbearing angle solve inequality inequalities integer simplify algebra factorising factorise bracket fraction algebraic fraction frequency tree circle theorem sine cosine tan exact value area
Higher Calculator 7WorksheetAnswersproportion pressure force area algebra expand bracket quadratic complete the square completing the square circle theorem histogram
Higher Non-Calculator 8WorksheetAnswersequivalent fraction exact value sine cosine tan cos plotting plot graph curve algebra simultaneous equation solve box plot quadratic inequalities inequality index law indices
Higher Calculator 8WorksheetAnswersprobability sample space iteration volume surface area density mass volume algebra factorise factorising bracket velocity-time graph velocity time acceleration speed
Higher Non-Calculator 9WorksheetAnswersstandard form frequency table algebra forming equation form expand simplify bracket surd proof vector
Higher Calculator 9WorksheetAnswersfrequency table cumulative frequency mean quadratic sequence nth term completing the square minimum point maximum point ratio
Higher Non-Calculator 10WorksheetAnswersvenn diagram probability set notation index law indices mean wordy graph transformation sketch proof quadratic sequence nth term
Higher Calculator 10WorksheetAnswersdistance speed time probability tree graphical solution graph transformation similar shape similar volume similar area
Higher Non-Calculator 11WorksheetAnswerscomparing costs money wordy interior angle exterior angle algebra changing the subject rearrange formula simultaneous equation solve composite function inverse function
Higher Calculator 11WorksheetAnswersdistance speed time distance-time graph distance time graph iteration iterative formula direct and inverse proportion direct proportion sin and cos rule sine rule sine and cosine rule area of triangle
Higher Non-Calculator 12WorksheetAnswersangle parallel line probability wordy profit loss money algebra solve fraction equation sin and cos rule sine rule sine and cosine rule exact value tan surd
Higher Calculator 12WorksheetAnswersconversion graph money comparing cost pythagoras trigonometry sohcahtoa triangle plotting graph plot cubic equation of a circle perpendicular gradient tangent